Halloween Candy TMS

Orange Scales & Black Nickel blades, Orange/Black TMS skirts


  • Price : CAD $52.00

All of our inlines are made with super fluffy and durable skirts, that have a total over 1500 strands of tinsel!

The TMS series uses up to 2400 strands dancing behind the spinning blades, which gives them a completely different profile in the water.

All MC inlines include these standard features:

  • 8/O tail & 7/O side premium Mustad hooks
  • Triple strong split rings
  • Triple tied, layered, top quality flashabou skirts on strong coils
  • All assembled with only top quality components on strong 0.062" steel shafts
  • Balanced running weight of roughly 4.5 ounces

With an overall length of 11.5 inches, the TMS series are ready for the biggest muskies and pike you want to go after.