Lures that mean business

Our lures are designed to catch big fish and to last.
Handcrafted in Canada with only the best and strongest components available on the market

About Mad Chasse

“My very first encounter with a Musky was close to 30 years ago. A monster came to steal the perch I was reeling in and scare the life out of the young 12 years old me. But that was also the day my love for all Esox began. Ever since, I been jumping on all and any chances I had to learn more, catch more and appreciate better this beautiful family of fish.”

What makes our lures so good you ask?
A lot of time was spent in the design, conception and testing of MAD CHASSE Lures. Combining the expertise of several musky anglers and lure makers, our lures have been water tested over the years and keep proving their quality. They will reliably help you move and catch more and bigger fish, while lasting you longer than the average hand made inline.


Our lures are proven to catch and to last!

Perfected over several years of fishing and crafting, our lures reached the awesome reliable quality you now get with every MAD CHASSE inline spinner.

With near hundred muskies hooked and released on our lures, you can be confident that you will move fish when you cast or troll them.

In 2020 alone, more than a dozen muskies over 50 inches in length have been landed on our spinners. The few lures that needed to be cut were retied and went back to catch more muskies!

Why buy a dozen spinners every season, when you can keep using that “lucky one”?!

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For quality, durable lures that catch big fish, add
Mad Chasse Lures to your Musky tackle box.

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