The all new MAD TAILS have arrived!

  • Roughly 18 inches total length and 4.25 ounces of pure Madness!
  • Double 10 design Magnum Colorado blades
  • 8/0 Mustad dressed articulated tail hook, - 7/0 Mustad side hook
  • 0.062" Shaft

The body is made of an incredible amount of beautiful feathers, each individually picked, cleaned and secured professionally.

Paired with our personal touch, these fluffy bodies will maintain a pretty look even when wet and have a smooth and continuous flow while in the water.


Over the last years, many of you requested that we start producing Marabou inlines.

After plenty of research and hours in development, we are thrilled with the new MAD TAILS, a notch up from plain marabou inlines.

Long hours are behind the conception of our new line of lures. As always, we stand behind their quality and durability.